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Do aliens exist? Well we don’t know for sure because we haven’t got any evidence to prove the theory that aliens do exist, or do we. Many people believe that aliens once visited earth thousands of years ago and left evidence behind, such as some ancient structures which seem impossible to have been built by our ancient ancestors. There have also been structures found underwater from thousands of years ago at the times when scientists believe man was still living in caves and was only just discovering fire. These structures were using stones weighing over 25tonnes. To move a rock like that in todays times, would involve the use of seven cranes, for one stone. Ancient man managed to use stones this size and weight in many of its structures, and was supposed to have done this using, just man power and there hand built hand tools.

Being a builder myself, I don’t believe it’s possible if it is I would love to see this. Because I would be amazed by it most people have their own opinions about aliens, whether they do exist or not. Some people just believe that it’s a load of nonsense, and that earth is the only place to have any life in the entire world. With thousands of other planets in the universe. Others believe that there is other life out there somewhere. They believe there has to be with all the different planets out there. we would like to hear your thoughts on this subject so we hope you leave your opinion below and say what you believe do aliens exist? is there another life form out there somewhere or do you believe we are the only ones here and the other planets are just big rocks.  

Mega machines cutting through solid rock. The movement of multi-tonne stone blocks. Modern airfract carrying millions of people everyday around the world and space shuttles sending humans to the stars, but are these examples of modern technology. Or is there evidence that these incredible acheivements existed on earth thousands of years ago. You have to begin to ask your self  are we missing part of the story, could ancient man have possesed knowledge far beyond that of are own century and if so where did it come from. I think in ancient times we were visited by extraterrestrials and they gave us scientific technolgies, it becomes ever more apparent that the possible answer of have aliens visted in the past could be a potential YES. Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extra terrestrial beings what if it were true, did ancient aliens really help to build our history, and if so what if there were clues left behind sometimes hiding in plane site. What if we could find the evidence?


Do aliens Exist